Saturday, February 1, 2014

Forged in Ash Releases!!

Forged in Ash Releases!

After a long, long, long wait, my second Red-Hot SEALs romantic thriller (Forged in Ash) released on Tuesday.

  I have to admit I was really worried about how well it would be received. There’s this rumored second book curse thing, you know? Where the second book is often a disappointment, if people loved the first book. So far, knock on wood, the reception has been fantastic. Reader feedback has been completely awesome. Everyone seems to love Ash as much as Fire. There has been a lot of questions coming in, though, so I thought I’d answer the most common of them here.

But first, several people have pointed out what they believed were formatting errors in some of the Arapaho words. This involved the number 3 mixed in with the letters of the word. This is not a formatting error. The Arapaho language uses the number 3 as a letter.  So the words are spelled 
correctly. I should have written an author’s note to explain this.
Now for the most popular questions-

1/ Forged in Smoke, book three, will be Rawls’s story and it will release on October 28th, 2014- nine months from now. Forged in Ember, which is Mac and Amy’s story will release on Jan 28th, 2015.

2/ Ember will conclude this particular storyline and YES!! all the threads will be tied up, and everything will be explained. This particular four book set was conceived as an ongoing story arc, there is just too much happening to conclude the storyline in one or two books.  

3/ The next set of Red-Hot SEALs books will revolve around Zane’s brothers. They will be romantic thrillers as well, but they will be standalone books rather than a continuing storyline.

4/Yes, Mac and Amy will have their own HEA and yes, Amy brings Mac to his knees. J

5/ Yes, Wolf and Jillian will have their own HEA, although it will not take place in the Red-Hot SEALs series. While they will both show up in Smoke and then again in Ember, they will spin off a new series featuring Wolf’s mysterious and deadly Arapaho special ops team and their HEA will take place during this new series. This series (as yet untitled) will launch April of 2015.

6/ Yes, I still intend to release Yesterday’s Child, but there has been some problems with that book’s structure and characterization and I’m not completely happy with it and I won’t release anything I don’t think is ready for prime time.  However, I sent it to another developmental editor and got some great feedback and suggestions.  I’m hoping to have it revised and through copy edits by May, so it’s tentatively scheduled for a June release.

7/Yes, Kait’s brother will have his own HEA. He’ll hook up with Kait’s friend Demi.

8/ Yes, I am doing companion romance novella’s for each of the Red-Hot SEAL books. Zane’s will come first and I’m hoping to have it available in March.

9/ Yes, not only will Cosky’s mother show up more often through the series, but she’ll  have her own novella and HEA.

10/ Yes, Forged in Ash will be available as an audio book sometime in March.