Saturday, August 17, 2013

Forged in Ash's Blurb

For those of you asking about Cosky's book, here's an unofficial blurb. It will have to do until my Montlake Team whips me up a better one. 

Forged in Ash-- Release date of Jan 28th, 2014

Recovering from injuries sustained during the rescue of civilian hostages, Lieutenant Marcus Simcosky is facing medical retirement, as well as possible criminal charges pending a Federal Grand Jury Investigation. As if losing his SEAL team, and possibly his freedom isn’t bad enough, some batshit crazy woman is trying to kill him.

Things go from bad to worse when he discovers the only person who might be able to heal his leg, allowing him to re-qualify for the teams, is spiritual healer Kait Winchester. Kait’s the only woman to pierce Cosky’s legendary control. She’s also the daughter of a fallen comrade and the sister of a teammate—which puts her off limits to casual trysts. Kait’s attempted healing appears to fail miserably and sparks events that set the couple at odds. They separate, determined to avoid each other. A strategy Cosky is forced to abandon when his stalker goes after Kait. But in trying to protect Kait, Cosky ultimately drags her into the tornado surrounding him.

Once he captures the woman out to kill him, Cosky realizes she’s connected to the events under investigation. After three long months, he finally has an opportunity to identify the powerful men behind the conspiracy that has engulfed him. His stalker, however, comes with baggage of her own and men determined to silence her. As Cosky and his teammates mobilize, their shadowy adversaries ramp up the war, taking action to eliminate the SEALs, and the women they’re protecting, once and for all.


  1. Sound terrific! I'm excited! :o)

  2. Thanks Anna,

    It's getting a bit closer each day now. :) When we're down to the last few weeks, I'll start posting teasers.