Monday, August 27, 2012

Heads Up!

Just Romantic Suspense is doing a spotlight on Montlake Romance today, and Forged in Fire is one of the books being featured. Montlake has donated several books for a giveaway, so if you hop on over and comment on the post, you just may win your choice of the books featured.

Also, Gennita Low, who previously published sexy thrillers with hot, alpha SEAL heroes through Avon and MIRA, has gotten her rights back on her Avon back list and has self-published several of the books.


Hunter, one of the books in her Crossfire series, is free through Amazon for a limited time. You can download the book for free here.


  1. Hey, Trish, I was late commenting yesterday so am repeating my comment here.

    I'm so happy to find your new website and blog. I've been searching for you for months! You are an inspiration. I love Forged In Fire and will be purchasing the paperback as soon as it's available. (and I'm waiting anxiously for your other new releases.)
    Thanks for sharing your great success. I'm blogging right after you on Just Romantic Suspense in September, hoping some of your magic will rub off on me. :) Forged in Fire is still my favorite RS ever, and I've mentioned it on many stops during my blog tours.
    Best of luck!!!

  2. LOL, I just found the comment on the other post. Not sure how I missed it earlier. Blogger sent me emails to tell me people had commented earlier.